Miami Foreclosure Data

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A few interesting bits of data:

  • 26% of mortgages in Miami-Dade are 90 days late
  • 17% of mortgages in Miami-Dade are in foreclosure
  • The Miami metro area has the 4th largest number of loan modifications (34,860) under the federal government’s modification program.  Only the NY (43,873), LA (42,777) and Chicago (36,208) metro areas have more, and not by much.  And of course, those places have 2-4 times the population of the Miami metro area.


Florida Mortgage Modifications Lag Behind Rest of U.S.

Harriet Johnson Brackey

Miami Herald, Dec. 11, 2009 [9:30 a.m.]

Making Home Affordable Program: Servicer Performance Report Through November 2009

U.S. Treasury

Dec. 11, 2009 [9:35 a.m.]

Table of United States Metropolitan Statistical Areas


Dec.  11, 2009 [9:33 a.m.]

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