Giant Pink Snails Invade Coral Gables

posted on February 11th, 2011 filed under: Miami and Coral Gables Living

Giant pink snails descended on Miami Beach during Art Basel.  Hooligans apparently made life uncomfortable for the gastropods, so they migrated west to the more subdued environs of Coral Gables.

Here’s one outside the new Coral Gables Museum:

Coral Gables Real Estate Photos -- Pink Snails

The sculptures are made of recycled plastic, and are the work of the Italian collaborative Cracking Art Group.

Check out the snails’ original home in Milano.

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  1. mariluz Saldarriaga

    I hate, hate, hate (cannot say it enough) these hideous snail sculptures. With all the great artists here in Miami let alone the United States why are we supporting outside “crap” like these artists from Italy!

    I don’t care if they are made from recycled plastic or not, the color is vulgar and the sculpture looks “cheap”. Hopefully very little or no tax payers money is being used to sponsor such cheezy art.

    Should we not be supporting local artists!!

    I can see why vandals were damaging the snails in the beach….they wanted this crap out of their city….Just because something is Italian does not make it any good! Please send them back home soon!!

  2. Tom Landry

    Thanks for your input. I am sure that the snails cannot depart soon enough for you, but perhaps it will offer some solace that they will be gone in two weeks or so.

    Cheers, Tom Landry

  3. Roseanne Brown

    My daughter took a photo of the snails on a semi and I really think they are cool! Wish I had one in my yard.And I am 1/2 Italian but just read they are from Italy. That is why I have weird taste,maybe.Wonder how much they cost?